8 Oct 12:01 avatar

Стало известно, кто получает прибыль от нагнетания страха в США перед угрозой терроризма

Инициатива «Постглобализация» представляет отрывок из статьи Алекса Кейна, в которой тот пишет, что крупная промышленность получает прибыль от нагнетаемого правительством страха перед терроризмом.

Майкл Хайден, прежний директор Агентства национальной безопасности, ворвался в телевизоры Америки в последние недели, чтобы предупредить об утечках Эдварда Сноудена и продолжающейся террористической угрозе Америки.
6 Jun 11:00 avatar

Australian coal companies used spies to infiltrate group of activists

According to revelations published, two Australian coal companies have been exposed for hiring former soldiers and intelligence officers to spy on anti-coal protests in New South Wales.

In an episode reminiscent of the Canadian government’s use of spies to sabotage environmental groups, mining companies Idemitsu Australia Resources and Whitehaven Coal allegedly hired private spies to infiltrate a network of local farmers, aboriginal groups, and environmental activists that has been actively protesting the Boggabri mine and blockading construction sites near Maules Creek since December, where Whitehaven Coal is currently in the process of building a AUD 767 million open-cut coal mine.
5 Jun 13:21 avatar

Private Strategic Intelligence for Governmental and Political Organizations

In today's rapidly changing world, participants in political developments are required to make instantaneous and prompt decisions on any matters. But no management decision can be made without profound analysis of any received information on a range of problems. In the meantime, governmental special services just cannot provide up-to-date and latest information to all the state regulatory bodies. Consequently, private intelligence companies, which are ready to promptly provide a customer with analytical information, come to the rescue. However, experience of cooperation between governmental services and private intelligence companies goes far beyond analytical efforts. Today, they actively collaborate in the following areas:
  • Information wars
  • Investigation of international economic crimes
  • Search for assets of criminals and suspects
  • Internet monitoring and control for dissemination of extremist and terrorist materials, etc.

23 May 14:20 avatar

In Corporate Intelligence, Think Like Israel


When we consider examples of the term “intelligence,” the Israeli Defense Force’s military intelligence capability and Mossad, the company’s intelligence agency, are always ranked at or near the top of the global list. One of the reasons that modern Israel has prospered for over 60 years is that the country’s leaders believe that knowing as much as possible about its enemies and friends is critical to survival. Companies can learn a lot from Israel’s example, and can get some help from intelligence-savvy Israelis in doing so.
1 Apr 13:56 avatar

Booz Allen Hamilton: 70% of the U.S. Intelligence Budget Goes to Private Contractors

Following Edward Snowden's leaking of details of government surveillance programs, the issue of the U.S. intelligence community's use of private contractors has again been highlighted. Snowden worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, a consulting firm that which describes itself as a leading provider of management and technology services to «government clients in defense, intelligence, and the civil sectors.» Yet Booz Allen Hamilton is just one of many private contractors; other prominent examples include Palantir Technologies Inc, i2, and Science Applications International Corp (SAIC), working for the government in the intelligence sector, with a massive 70% of the U.S. intelligence budget currently going to such firms.
18 Mar 20:48 avatar

Ultra Electronics acquires US surveillance and intelligence firm

Ultra Electronics has acquired 3 Phoenix (3Pi), a supplier of specialist sonar, radar, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance products for 70m dollars.
8 Mar 22:30 avatar

New intelligence firm has wherewithal to probe illegal mining scourge – Njeje

JOHANNESBURG (miningweekly.com) – The new intelligence firm made up of the who’s who of South Africa’s intelligence fraternity had the wherewithal to probe the supply chain of South Africa’s illegal mining scourge, said Foresight Advisory Services executive chairperson Gibson Njeje.


Njeje, who launched the company on the eve of the anniversary of the Marikana tragedy with an eye to preventing a recurrence, said he believed Foresight could have played a constructive role ahead of Marikana had it been in existence at the time.
5 Mar 09:39 avatar

CHP deputy Aksünger says PM uses MİT as his private intelligence agency

Erdal Aksünger (Photo: Ali Ünal, Today's Zaman)Republican People's Party (CHP) İzmir deputy Erdal Aksünger said Erdoğan is trying to restructure the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) in a way that will turn the spy agency into his private intelligence branch.
5 Mar 09:30 avatar

Company information providers Worldbox Business Intelligence and OFWI in tie-up

The global business intelligence firm Worldbox has announced it has taken over Switzerland’s Orell Füssli Wirtschaftsinformationen AG (OFWI)'s international and domestic research activities, from Monday.

The tie-up sees Worldbox (http://worldbox.net) — which operates from offices in London, Zurich, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, and India – taking over all of OFWI’s corporate and private client orders for credit check reports, business investigations, and due diligence operations.
1 Aug 11:18 avatar

Борьба с коррупцией или строительство Pax Americana? Часть 2

Часть I

Примеры акций в рамках FCPA: Сименс и Даймлер

До сих пор самым крупным в рамках расследований FCPA остается дело немецкого концерна Siemens. Он был обвинен в том, что в период с 1999 по 2006 г. выплатил в разных странах мира взяток на сумму в общей сложности 1,3 млрд. евро. В частности, были обнаружены случаи причастности концерна к коррупции в Ираке в период осуществления программы ООН «Нефть в обмен на продовольствие», а также в таких странах, как Венесуэла, Бангладеш, Аргентина, Франция, Нигерия, Турция, Италия, Китай, Израиль, Вьетнам, Россия и Мексика.
1 Aug 11:15 avatar

Борьба с коррупцией или строительство Pax Americana? Часть 1

Экстерриториальность американских законов

В статье «Долларовый рэкет» я говорил о принятии в последние годы в США большого количества законов, имеющих экстерриториальный характер. Эти законы устанавливают ответственность физических и юридических лиц за занятия тем или иным видом незаконной деятельности. Ответственность по этим законам может возникать не только у резидентов США, но и у нерезидентов – компаний, банков, граждан других стран.

США больше, чем какое-либо другое государство, имеют возможность наказывать нерезидентов. Или держать их в узде.

Во-первых, иностранные физические и юридические лица имеют в американских банках депозиты, исчисляемые триллионами долларов. Как утверждает, например, Збигнев Бжезинский, только российские граждане держат в американских банках примерно 500 млрд. долларов.
27 Jun 12:22 avatar

Outsourced Intelligence: How the FBI and CIA Use Private Contractors to Monitor Social Media

By Stephen Benavides, Truthout

Right now, companies like Palantir Technologies Inc, Booz Allen Hamilton, and i2 are mining your Facebook and Twitter data in an effort to discern whether you're a terrorist, have ties to terrorists or maybe just have the potential to someday become one. They also want to know if you have links to the Boston bombers, Kim Jong-un or Darth Vader, and they've been paid millions upon millions of dollars to do this on behalf of the US Special Operations Command, FBI, CIA, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), the Army, Marines and the Air Force. Initially a small start-up conveniently funded in part the CIA's nonprofit venture capital firm In-Q-Tel, Palantir Technologies is now the leading embodiment of online Big Brother.
Not only is Palantir Technologies not part of the US government, they'd like you think they're run by young, techy hipsters who are fond of stuffed Care Bears, My Little Ponies, hegdehogs and flip-flops, as the photos fronting their web site would indicate. In fact, this once «innocent» start-up — responsible for identifying the Chinese cyber espionage network Ghostnet — has become part and parcel to the intelligence failure leading up to the Boston and Watertown tragedies.
9 Apr 09:31 avatar

Could feds run afoul of vague 'political intelligence' guidelines?

By Adam Mazmanian

The emerging «political intelligence» industry is hard to define, much less regulate, the Government Accountability Office found. And that poses challenges to federal employees who might provide such insights.
28 Mar 08:35 avatar

Государственно-частное партнерство по вопросам противодействия кибертерроризму на примере MI5

Британские и американские спецслужбы давно сотрудничают с частными разведывательными и охранными компаниями по вопросам национальной безопасности, вот и тематика кибертерроризма не осталась без внимания. MI5 начала сотрудничать с частной компанией по отражению этой новой угрозы 21-го века:

Agents and analysts from MI5 and GCHQ will work side-by-side with private sector counterparts in a new government «fusion cell».

Under the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP), private firms will be given access to a secure web portal, described as a «Facebook for cyber security threats».

It will operate on social network lines, in which more than a dozen analysts, based at a secret location in London, can choose who they share information with.
14 Mar 12:12 avatar

The era of the private intelligence agencies

Private intelligence services are non-state actors involved in the sector of Intelligence and are primarily collecting and analyzing information by outsourcing public funding and by providing assistance to large multinationals.
27 Feb 08:38 avatar

MacB wins $31M option to provide intelligence support to Air Force special operations

By Mark Hoover

MacAulay-Brown has won a $31 million contract option with the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command to support intelligence units at two Air Force locations.

The two locations are Hurlburt Field, Fla., and Cannon Air Force Base, N.M.

MacB will provide intelligence specialists to support the command in planning, integration and implementing new and existing intelligence collection, exploitation, reporting, dissemination and evaluation capabilities, the company said in a release.
27 Feb 08:31 avatar

Revenue from business intelligence software to hit US$132.2 million in Singapore

Driven by the growth of the cloud, mobile, social, and information trends, the business intelligence (BI) software sector in Singapore is expected to grow by 8.7 per cent to US$132.2 million this year.

This is despite the fact that the technology has been a top priority for IT leaders for years, according to research firm Gartner.
“There is still a lot of unmet demand,” said Kurt Schlegel, a research vice president at Gartner, in a release sent to media last week. “Every company has numerous subject areas – such as HR, marketing, social and so on – that have yet to even start with BI and analytics.”
21 Feb 12:03 avatar

U.S. Ups Ante for Spying on Firms

China, Others Are Threatened With New Penalties

WASHINGTON—The White House threatened China and other countries with trade and diplomatic action over corporate espionage as it cataloged more than a dozen cases of cyberattacks and commercial thefts at some of the U.S.'s biggest companies.

Top administration officials painted a pervasive portrait of the far-reaching costs of espionage—competitive disadvantages, job losses, product impacts—that American firms as well known as General Motors Co. and DuPont Co. have already had to confront.